5 Ways to Support Local Business Without Leaving the House

In the best of times, small, local businesses have to hustle to stay ahead. Because of the recommended safety measures recommended authorities, small business owners are now facing down one of the greatest challenges in modern history. Once this crisis has abated, the economic fallout from it will be long-lasting.

Headshot Retouching – Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need to know about headshot retouching at our studio can be summed up in one phrase, “Beautiful but Believable”. Anyone can add a filter that makes you look like a plastic nightmare using any number of apps, but we have crafted our digital retouching style over the course of more than a decade to make sure that you look natural and refreshed, At this point in time, Because there is no filter or software that can give you the same results as a skilled digital artist, all of our retouching is done by hand. However, even with the clever work of a skilled retoucher, the best results come when our clients do everything they can to prepare for their session.